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QLD State Budget 2024 - 2025

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Message from the Deputy Premier and Treasurer

This Budget is doing what matters for Queensland.

Queensland continues to lead the nation when it comes to economic growth and strong labour market conditions, while facing the twin challenges of an unprecedented increase in our population and global inflationary pressures.

Our outlook is positive, with economic and employment growth steadily rising. Importantly, real wages are set to increase, meaning more money left over in the household budget.

But Queensland is not immune to the economic challenges being faced across the country, and around the world. This Budget looks to protect Queensland families in more ways than one.

By addressing short-term pressures, the Queensland Government is safeguarding a future for everyone, particularly our most vulnerable.

New and expanded cost-of-living measures totalling $3.739 billion means every Queenslander counts.

This includes $1,300 electricity bill rebates for every household, six months of 50 cent fares for public transport, and 12 months of reduced car registration for all motorists.

We’re providing responsible relief which will put downward pressure on prices.

We’re also protecting Queensland communities through our evidence-based Community Safety Plan for Queensland, with an extra $1.28 billion to support victims, boost early intervention and strengthen our frontline, including more police officers and more equipment like POLAIR helicopters.

In addition, the Queensland Government is strengthening our health system funding through a 10.6 per cent increase in funding. Queensland will have more doctors, nurses and other health professionals than ever before.

With our flagship Big Build program delivering $107.262 billion worth of infrastructure investment over the next four years, this Budget makes significant additional investments to accommodate our rapid and higher than expected population growth, as well as seizing long-term opportunities to plan and build for Queensland’s future prosperity.

We’ll have more homes for Queenslanders, we’re investing more than $500 million in our kids and their future through our Putting Queensland Kids First strategy, we’re delivering better healthcare services, and we’re providing cost-of-living relief to every household.

Funding for these initiatives derives from the ongoing strength in coal prices and our progressive coal royalty tiers, which has meant that Queenslanders continue to benefit from a fairer share of our resources.

This is a Budget that will support Queenslanders now, when they need it most, and strengthen our state’s long-term future.


Cameron Dick MP

Deputy Premier, Treasurer and Minister for Trade and Investment

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