Data Repository - ID Profile – Funding and Training

RDA DDSW has facilitated a proposal with ID Profile for the provision of Economy and Community ID for each of the 10 councils. The deal with ID, and RDA DDSW’s contribution, has allowed all councils to access ID for a significantly reduced price. This project allowed councils access to quality economic and community data and also an input data modelling section that provided quantifiable data which was included in report and funding applications. Additionally, the project allowed the provision of training allowing all 10 councils the ability to access face-to-face and webinar training ensuring continued knowledge and development for the users. The project and RDA’s contribution meant individual councils had access to ID at nearly a third of the price if they were to purchase individually.

RDA DDSW facilitated ID Profile delivering training in Charleville on 19 March and in Cunnamulla on 20 March. Online webinars allowed other councils to access additional training.

In 2018-19, RDA DDSW identified that councils in the South West part of our region, needed an additional portal for the South West Regional Economic Development group. Councils in SWRED, had an option to use their council data or Darling Downs South West data, which was not indicative of the region. RDA DDSW funded an additional portal for SWRED to ensure Councils in this region had an additional portal.

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