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National Charter

Regional Development Australia, in consultation with the community, business, non-profit organisations and all levels of government, will articulate local priorities, identify and align resources, engage stakeholders and promote solutions. In doing this, Regional Development Australia will support the growth and development of regional communities across the country.

Regional Development Australia support, promote and disseminate information on government policy initiatives for the benefit of local communities. To this end, Regional Development Australia committees and Chairs will have a strong understanding of federal, state and local government policies and initiatives, and the ways in which local communities can engage with them. Regional Development Australia will take a leadership role in bringing together organisations to take advantage of government programs, policies and initiatives.

Regional Development Australia will be an effective conduit between governments and regional communities. It will enable all communities to provide input to governments about the strengths and weaknesses of regional Australia.

For more information please visit the website https://rda.gov.au/



A New Chapter for Regional Development Australia

Roles of the RDA

Regional Development Australia (RDA) is a national network of Committees made up of local leaders who work with all levels of government, business and community groups to support the economic development of their regions. RDA Committees have an active and facilitative role in their communities and a clear focus on growing strong and confident regional economies that harness their competitive advantages, seize on economic opportunity and attract investment.

Working in close partnership with fellow RDA Committees, all levels of government, and the private sector, RDA Committees will:

1. Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to identify economic opportunities and leverage private and public sector investment to the regions;

2. Connect regional businesses, councils and industry sectors with international trade partners, financial markets and potential investors;

3. Promote and disseminate information on Australian Government policies and grant programs to state and local governments and industry, business and community sectors;

4. Support community stakeholders to develop project proposals to access funding;

5. Develop and maintain positive working relationships with the local government bodies in their regions;

6. Facilitate public and private sector decentralisation;

7. Assist in the delivery of Australian Government programs, where relevant and where requested by the Minister;

8. Engage with regional entrepreneurs and emerging business leaders to explore new opportunities to grow local jobs in their regions;

9. Provide information on their region’s activities and competitive advantages to all levels of government, industry, business, and community sectors; and

10. Provide evidence-based advice to the Australian Government on critical regional development issues positively and negatively affecting their regions.

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Our Team


Trudi Bartlett

Trudi is the Director of Regional Development for RDA Darling Downs and South West, commencing her role 13 August 2018. She was previously the Economic Development Senior Officer for Western Downs Regional Council and the Member Services Manager for the Dalby Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Prior to that, she was the Chief Executive Officer for Transforming Small Business, an organisation that advised small businesses in rural areas. During her role at Transforming Small Business, she had contract work with State Government, Chambers of Commerce, Federal Government under the Small Business Advisory Service, BIEDO and with multiple local governments.

Trudi has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Journalism from the University of Queensland.

Her passion is supporting regional and remote Queenslanders and sees her position with RDA DDSW as an avenue to continue to persue her passion for ensuring economic development in rural, regional and remote areas remains strong.

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