How RDA DDSW Can Help

How RDA DDSW can help

Do you have a project that needs funding but you’re not quite sure how and where to start?

RDA DDSW is proud to work with local businesses, organisations, and community groups to ensure that they can fully take advantage of all possible opportunities for growth and development.

We can assist your funding application by:

  • Identifying available funding opportunities
  • Connecting you with support for writing funding proposals and developing your projects, business case
  • Sourcing economic data for their project and funding proposals 
  • Providing economic and event impact assessment reports
  • Providing letters of support to include with your application

Finding Grants

 Grants for community and regional development generally come from Federal, State and Local Government agencies.  In some cases, they come from businesses or  philanthropic organisations like trusts and foundations.

Typically, grant programs are developed to address a need, priority, or issue.  RDA DDSW’s goal is to make sure that our region and communities do not miss out on opportunities for funding.

RDA DDSW has made it easier for organisations to access available funding opportunities.

Every month we release a grants newsletter highlighting available grants, funding opportunities and other sources of funding that are available for our region.

By bringing this information together, businesses and organisations in the Darling Downs and South West QLD can keep up with any new opportunities that arise which may fit their projects and operational needs. 

If you are not sure whether your business qualifies for funding, we can help you with that.  We can help review the eligibility of the project based on the funding guidelines and match it with the best available funding stream.

Grant Writing

Grant funding is generally very competitive.  This means that the higher the quality of applications, the greater the chances for success.  Grant writing is a laborious process that requires good writing skills, attention to detail, sales skills, and the ability to manage different contributors.

With some grants, the technical and government terms can be challenging at times. If you do not have someone with these abilities, your organisation will benefit from seeking someone with grant writing skills and experience.

We can connect you with local organisations who specialise in the great writing process, including:

Project planning

Developing a proper project plan is crucial to any project. We work with the businesses to develop a comprehensive project plan and build a strong business case to support the project.

Cost-benefit analysis

The benefits of any good investment need to outweigh the costs. For most projects and larger grant applications, it is often beneficial and sometimes mandatory to perform an economic model to determine if the investment is viable.

Supporting Evidence

We intend to support our community in any way we can to ensure that they do not miss out on any opportunities that can help them grow.  Having proper supporting evidence goes a long way to evaluating a project proposal above the competition.

RDA DDSW provides both economic and community data accessible on our facts and figures.

We can also provide letters of support for projects that align with our priorities and that will benefit the community and the region.

To find out more call us on 07 4638 0089 or email us at

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